Saturday, January 12, 2013

Bakery Outlets

Growing up I loved when my mom would take us to the day old bakery. Of course back then I loved it because Mom let us pick out 1 snack. Mmm...there would be our options laid out: cake rolls, snowballs, pudding pies, zingers, moon pies, and more. It was great.
Now I love it for a different reason. Bread is not cheap; the bread I prefer to buy is even more so. We were lucky enough to hear that there was a Franz Bakery Outlet 15 minutes away and after my first time there I was hooked.
Today I got 4 loaves of bread, 2 packs of thin sandwich bread, a pack of brownie bites, and 12 packs of mini donuts.

All of that would cost around $35 at the grocery store but I only spent $10 and change. As an added perk our local bakery outlet has a rack full of freebies; you get to pick out 1 or more based on how much you spend. It's not only plain bread either--last time I got a loaf of organic nine grain for free. Normally we don't get the sweets because we're both working about eatting healthier but a little treat now and then is nice, and at the greatly reduced price I don't mind so much.

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