Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Day in Missouri

For those who don't know, my husband is in the Army and currently stationed (without our son and I) at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri. Since he was going to be getting passes Saturday, Sunday, and Monday for Memorial Day weekend I had the insane idea to drive 1700 miles each way to spend some time with him. Last time we made this trip I had some down time so this time I made sure to bring my spinning wheel.

We got to Fort Leonard Wood Thursday night and I was able to get some spinning done while Dorian watched Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (off topic but he saw a little person at the store the other day and stared a ton so we had to have a talk about how everyone's different). I brought three 4 ounce braids that I bought from an etsy seller, Chimera, months ago. I chose to spin one called Starry Night because that's always been my favorite Van Gogh painting. Then on Saturday morning Walter, Dorian, and I went to the park and I was able to spin up the rest of the 4 oz braid of falkland wool top.

Once Walter had to report back to the barracks for formation Dorian and I went back to the on post hotel and I got to work plying. By the way, plying yarn while your toddler alternates between jumping around your second floor room and trying to get as close as possible to touching your wheel without actually touching it is less than easy. After telling him "Don't touch", "Stop jumping! We have people in the room under ours", and "That'll hurt" dozens of times a piece I finally finished.

Turns out my bobbins don't like holding a full 4 ounces of wool. It was as full as I was going to get it but hopefully it can fit more of a thinner yarn. That I'll have to find out another day because right now I'm in a mood to spin thicker yarn, possibly even try out some art yarn. There's so much on my crafty to do list that right now I'm doing some spinning just to spin. There's a partial bobbin of BFL in a colorway called Toadstool (it made me think of camo so I got it to spin & knit something for Walter) waiting to be finished, but it needs to be a 3-ply fingering weight yarn and right now I don't have the patience for spinning that fine. For now I'm happy with spinning up fiber from my ever growing stash.

On a side note, I hate Missouri. It's beautiful here and I love the post but I hate the weather and the bugs. I'm 4 months pregnant and the heat brings out the worst pregnancy symptoms for me; it's been in the 90's the entire time we've been here and it's humid all the time. Last time we were here I woke up with some evil looking cricket thing on me and this time I found a brown recluse in the closet. Thankfully our family will be out of here soon: Dorian and I'll be heading home in a day or two, then Walter's off to Virginia for more training in 5 days.