Thursday, February 21, 2013

Settling In

We now have less than a week 'til the in-laws are flying up to visit us and the house is.....less than ready. My office/workroom is by far the worst since it's been at the bottom of our list but I've finally started unpacking it. Last weekend Ikea had shelving units on sale for $9.99 so we made the (way too long) trip there and bought 4 of them.
When we got home Hubby put them all together while I nursed #2 down for a nap. Once he zonked out I started going through boxes of fabric. After sorting through a 3ft square box and 2 2ft square boxes it's already looking much better but there's still a long way to go. If I had a morning/afternoon to myself I could get it all knocked out but that won't be happening any time soon; even when Hubby takes #2 so I can get something done #1 insists on following me around to see what's in the boxes. So it might be slow going but eventually I'll have everything unpacked and situated so I can get back to work. If I can get my camera charged up I'll take a quick pic of the room tonight. Although I hate how much stuff I have I love that I can work from what I have for quite a while. For example, #2 likes to be carried but Hubby doesn't like using wraps or ring slings so I'm going to make a mei tei for him. We have everything I'll need to make it in my office already and I got it all on sale.

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