Friday, August 10, 2012

How to Make a Needle Book

It seems like I'm always buying large eye sewing needles. I only use them to sew in yarn ends when I'm done knitting something but every time I need one, I can't find any. Last year I made a knitting needle holder & a crochet hook holder, and since I still have fabric left from those I decided to make a sewing needle book.

I started out by cutting 2 pieces of cotton fabric and 1 piece of cotton batting 3.5" x 5" each, a piece of felt 2.5" x 4", and a small piece of cotton fabric 1.5" x 3".

Second, I folded the 1.5" x 3" piece with right sides together, sewed the long sides, and turned it right side out. Then I put the fabric I chose for the cover on top of the batting, put on 1 side of a snap about an inch from the right edge, and pinned the short piece to the left side.

Then I placed the fabric for the inside of the book, right sides together, on top and sewed around while leaving an an inch open at the bottom for turning. When I finished that I trimmed the excess batting.

I used a long knitting needle to turn it right sides out and then I added the other side of the snap to the tab.

Lastly, I pinned the felt in place and sewed it using embroidery floss (and yes, I know the stitching isn't quite straight but my son chose to get into everything while I was doing that part).

That's it. Now I can stick my sewing needles in the felt and keep this book with my other needle and hook holders. After I get some other sewing out of the way I'll make another one with extra felt pages to keep my sewing machine needles organized too.


  1. I want one! those are sooo cute and adorable!!!

    1. Thank you. They're easy to do and, for those who don't sew, I'll start making some to sell after I get more crib sheets finished.

  2. I love it! I need you to.teach me some sewing skills lol